Renovation – Cracow, Borek Fałęcki

On holidays we finished the apartment arranged by the owners. Elegant style, bright colors. The effect is complemented by details such as gold accents. There was a lot of small tiles so our works in this scope of works took a little bit longer
Our works was:
  • scraping old paint from walls, preparing the substrate for plaster, finishing the surface of walls and ceilings with plaster, painting the walls,
  • making several electrical modifications,
  • plumbing changes – a washbasin for a new place of the washbasin, and toilet,
  • assembly of faucet, washbasin, shower tray and shower glass, toilet frame and a bowl,
  • fixing and make levelling of the walls,
  • self-levlling screed on bathroom floor,
  • waterproof layer,
  • placing hexagonal tiles and white shiny bricks in the kitchen, grouting and putting silicone.

PS The live effect is even better!