Our company has experience…. SO BORING! I will not write anything like that. Instead, I will try to present what will be most interesting for you, dear customer. Domwell is primarily me -Peter, Master of Science in Civil Engineering. I know how much quality,  relaxed atmosphere or a transparent costs estimate mean. I am responsible for contact with the client, presenting the offer and work organization.

Conversation by e-mail – ok, by phone – great, via instagram – absolutely. You choose. What’s the best? The best is coming to one of my projects and see the effects of the work live, ask about everything related to the renovation. I realize that your own house or apartment is one of the biggest expenses in life, so you need to plan it well, and the more questions you ask, the better plan you have.

Secondly, professionals. Experience and knowledge of current trends are certainly features of each of the teams that work under the domwell brand. Each team is here permanently because it produces great quality. It works too well to change anything. In my opinion, such a scheme where one representative of the company comes to the first meeting, and then completely other people start work, does not work good. Providing high-level services means that you can meet the interior finishing team in advance and gain peace of mind that your apartment will be in good hands. The ones that can handle “surprises”. And those who will advise something at the first meeting and present their point of view.

I am the owner and the manager of the company and I think it’s worth mentioning it here. You can definitely look for the best quality where you can talk directly to the owner. Due to the fact that each client is my boss, I refer you to my CV in the “realizations” section.

Later, a job interview, but this one is in the opposite pattern. I mean I invite clients to visit us and answer questions. I like these conversations because I know all the answers 🙂



On a daily basis I deal with finishing flats in Cracow, so I know the subject of the house and its interior very well. It seems to me that this is why my hobby is outdoor sport. In addition to improving my well-being and condition, it provides me with unforgettable views. Of course, we are talking about relaxation in the mountains, in the Tatras to be exact, and even more specifically in the High Tatras. You can feel your best and see the best views from high up.

Recently, we managed to reach a lot of peaks and passes. The most interesting ones are whole trail Orla Perć, Kościelec or Szpiglasowy Wierch. Also Świnica and this one is especially remembered by me because I watched the sunrise from there. I recommend going to the sunrise to the mountains at least once in your life!

The Tatra Mountains are quite close to Cracow and if we start very early in the morning, you can spend the day not in traffic jams in Zakopiańska Street, but resting above the clouds, sometimes literally.

Here is a photo from the beautiful sunrise on Swinica. Apart from the mountains, there is one more sport. I have been exercising regularly for several years and you can say that, just like in the case of the mountains, I really like. If you are curious what this sport is, I will be happy to tell you at the meeting. On the occasion of finishing works in your interior, there are also some moments when we do not have urgent decisions to make and we can easily discuss topics such as everyday life or hobbies. I invite you to one of my projects where you can check the quality of the work!