House finishing in Cracow

The project, which was one of our largest in terms of scope and time of completion, we performed, among others:

Painting and drywall work:

  • securing windows, floors and equipment for painting,
  • 450m2 of painting walls and ceilings in color, white and also with sections for untypical colors, e.g. black decorative wall,
  • wallpapering with prior protection of the substrate,
  • Plastering together with placing reinforcing tape in places especially exposed to cracks,
  • Rebuilding of plaster boards, it means, suspended ceilings, pre-walls in the shower with recessed shelves, tops under washbasins, fireplace cladding, additional housing under the balustrade on the stairs, substructure for the bathtub with revision of the bathtub drain,

Tiling work:

  • screeds with a slope for a new walk-in cabin,
  • Waterproofing, grouting and siliconizing, standard detail work,
  • Laying tiles, including beautiful marble ones in 120x120cm format,
  • grinding corners to a 45-degree angle,

Masonry work:

  • demolition of partition walls,
  • building a new partition wall between the bedroom and the bathroom,
  • Treatment of concealed door frames,
  • shifting of door openings,

Plumbing works:

  • relocation of 8 points of water approaches z+c, 2 points of cold water, 10 points of sewerage,
  • relocation of 2 radiator connections,
  • Removal and installation of all radiators for painting or tiling,
  • installation of 2 linear drains,
  • Installation of toilet racks x3,
  • White assembly, it means, 4 flush-mounted kits, 2 bathtubs, 4 washbasins, 2 shower cubicles, 3 toilet bowls, 2 bidets, freestanding bath tap system,

Electrical work:

  • LED strip + transformer sets, 8 pieces,
  • New electric points – wiring, installation of boxes, installation of fixtures including staircase switches and cross staircase switches,
  • Installation of interior and exterior lamps,
  • additional power supply and distribution of electricity in the attic,
  • additional lighting points on the facade of the building,

As a standard, the scope also included a complete support for the investment, it means, bringing in materials, ordering and delivery of materials, selection of technology for individual scopes.