Interior finishing works in a two level apartment in Krakow

The apartment is located in the north of Krakow – we have carried out fully interior works on the lower and upper level. Two bathrooms in different colors, new partition walls at level 1, are the largest ranges that we have made. What else? Answer below:

  • Painting and plastering – our works consisted of priming, finishing plaster with sanding and embedding corners, acrylating, changing door openings, painting with primer paint and painting ceilings in bathrooms,
  • suspended ceiling in the bathroom, partition walls at level 1, dividing a large room to the living area with access to the terrace, bedroom and office,
  • tiling works: spout with a slope to the walk-in shower, waterproofing, siliconizing, 60×60 tiles + cement grout in the kitchen, toilet on level 0 and bathroom on level +1, corner grinding,
  • plumbing works: transfer of the radiator approach, cold and hot water supply in the PEX system to the shower, installation of the linear drain, toilet, shower panel with wood elements, washbasin faucets, transfer of the air vent,
  • electrical works: TV tunnel, connecting cables to 55 new points, mounting wall lamps and lamps,

The domwell team was one of the first teams at this facility. Despite the long delay of the developer and the delay in handing over the apartment, we managed to meet a convenient date for both the client and us. Everything finished on time 馃檪