Renovation works in a tenement house in the old town

The charm of apartments in tenement houses is probably the most in two aspects – the historic neighborhood and high ceilings. During this renovation, we were right next to the Wawel Castle – on the other side of the Vistula River. As for high ceilings, their charm also has a second face – a lot of work requires scaffolding – fortunately we have one 馃檪

Fully renovation works under the watchful eye of a friendly architectural office SOHO Design ( included:

  • furniture disassembly works, liquidation of the gas approach, demolition of part of the wall for a new door opening and removal of debris,
  • covering furniture, floors and windows in the apartment,
  • removing the fireplace and repairing walls,聽removing old tiles, wallpapers from the entire apartment and preparing the walls for plaster,
  • renovation of the old door frame,
  • new partition walls,
  • plastering to align walls and bearing beams,
  • fixing places particularly exposed to cracking with mesh,
  • self-leveling screed,
  • plumbing works: transfer installation of a heater, a frame for a toilet, a basin faucet and a shower faucet,聽installation of a shower tap, shower glass, toilet and washbasin,
  • putting tiles 60×60 and smaller rectangles in the bathroom and hall, including corner grinding up to 45 degrees,
  • waterproof layer in wet zones in the bathroom,
  • new electrics around the apartment – in particular ceiling lighting (adding a dozen) and distribution of electrics on new partition walls,
  • switches, sockets, lamps and sconces,
  • arrangement of MDF panels and strips,聽doors, locks and handles,
  • curtain rods,
  • plaster, acrylic and paint throughout the apartment, including a large part of the bathroom.

The works took place at the turn of 2019 and 2020.