Modern project of the apartment, Grzegorzki

Another recommendation, and another place where we were the first team on the entire building. This project included the finishing of an apartment with two bathrooms on the 8th floor with a beautiful view of Krakow. However, we rarely had the opportunity to see this view, there was a lot of work:

  • painting with primer paint and colors. Very interesting – black in the kitchen, black in the bathroom, brick red in the toilet, green in the bedroom. Expressive and very fashionable colors.
  • Another fashionable solution, or rather a texture, was the texture of 80×80 tiles laid in the bathroom, hall, kitchen on the floor and above the countertop. Terrazzo-style tiles aroused great interest after adding the first photos, even among architects friends,
  • additionally, arranging the tiles of bricks – unusual because it is vertical. We put dark gray in the toilet, green in the bathroom and orange on the furniture in the living room,
  • smooths acrylling and preparing walls for painting,
  • preparation for air conditioning installation,
  • new spout for walk-in cabin, waterproof layer in the bathroom, grouting tiles, grinding corners to an angle of 45 degrees,
  • plasterboard wall and toilet frame casing,
  • transfer and modification of water pipes – adaptation to the new bathroom layout,
  • installation of the bowl, washbasin, hidden shower system, linear outflow to the shower enclosure without a shower tray and angle valves,
  • electrical modifications – connecting cables to 20 new points, installation of surface-mounted lighting and lamps,
  • making a wall in the bedroom and sticking wallpaper with additional LED backlighting.

Punctuality = satisfied customer and this was also the case here. If you want to finish the finishing works in your apartment / house on time, please contact us! 馃檪