General renovation in the tenement house

Old Town, Krakow. Each apartment in the local tenement houses sooner or later needs major renovation. Demolition and disassembly works were carried out earlier. Our works included:

  • electrical modifications and installation marking,
  • renovation of old radiators and alignment of recesses in the walls,
  • staining of scraped parquet, making color samples,
  • repair of window sills with painting,
  • small additions to the floor,
  • connection of sanitary devices,
  • installation of the shower glass,
  • renovation of external and internal door leaves, filling, sanding, painting,
  • decorative elements on the walls – e.g. made of old door leaves,
  • renovation of the railing on the balcony, installation of a new railing,
  • installation of high skirting boards,
  • installation of sockets with an unusual design,
  • renovation of furniture and changing its function, e.g. changing the chest of drawers into a cabinet for a washbasin with a washbasin with a battery on it, installation of a sink, induction hob, oven,
  • finish the staircase, insert the wires into the plaster, paint.