Semicircular mirrors are gaining popularity, and this one already has decorative plasters. Both of these things in this realization.

Another realization with a super nice customer. This is not just my opinion because a friend who previously installed metal elements on the balcony said the same thing, as it turned out that we accidentally worked in the same apartment.
The work was performed in an apartment from developer state in a short distance from the center of Cracow. You can even partially see Wawel from the terrace! Once again, we performed the order according to the architectural design and once again there were a lot of modifications, to fit the apartment perfectly to the owners’ idea,
  • Building partition walls, changing the layout of the apartment and plastering them,
  • At the very beginning we did electric works – moving few dozen electric points including staircase switches (switching on the light from 2 places) and cross staircase switches (switching on the light from 3 places), bringing wires to new lamps or to illuminated building on which mirror will be stuck later, Implementation of drywall buildings, including visually spectacular construction under the mirror visible on several photos, and less visually interesting toilet buildings,
  • Plumbing alterations – new plumbing points in toilet, bathroom and kitchen. Alteration of installation for large shower cubicle with linear drain and flush-mounted mixer.
  • Implementation of decorative plaster – architectural concrete on two walls,
  • Tiling in the bathroom. Laying tiles in 60×60, 120×60 format and small “bricks” in herringbone pattern, this scope was particularly laborious.
  • White assembly – sinks, faucets, flush-mounted kits, radiators, additionally,
  • plastering and painting in the whole apartment.