Finishing of the apartment according to the architectural design part 2/2

We had the opportunity to finish two similar but different apartments at the turn of 2019 and 2020. The whole thing looks original and attractive. Our work was as follows:

  • first of all, preparation of demolition of part of the walls, making a door opening, inserting a lintel, walls for laying wallpaper in the bathroom, forging in the ceiling for halogen lights, supplying ventilation to the kitchen, connecting the power cord to the external air conditioning unit, supplementing with plaster, filling, pouring the screed, and adding an additional fuse, underpinning for the bathtub,
  • then preparing the walls for finishing, plastering on the walls and ceilings as well as on the plasterboard technology, aligning the walls with plasterboards and finishing the corners – widening the chimney and adapting to the architectural concept, a new wall with a finish between the living room and the kitchen and the hall and a bedroom, suspended ceilings on a frame, acrylic, painting,
  • work in the bathroom, hall and kitchen (tiling): waterproofing in places particularly exposed to flooding with water, tiles 30×30, cement joint in bathroom, hall, kitchen
  • water and sewage transformations: transfer of the radiator approach, transfer of the sewage system, change of the location of cold and hot water points in the PEX system, toilet frame, installation of a radiator, bowl and washbasin, installation of a kitchen sink, installation of bathtub,
  • Electrical modifications, – adding electrical wires to new places, mounting boxes, LED, TV tunnel, surface-mounted lighting, lamps,

All the works took place in Wiślane Tarasy 2.0. The second apartment can be seen here: