Finishing of the apartment according to the architectural design part 1/2

One of the two apartments made in a similar style, but the architects did not take the easy way. The finish, including the colors and arrangement of the individual equipment, is different but looks just as good; both on visualizations and live. The works we have done are:

  • priming the substrate, acrylating, painting with white paint without cuts and painting with color
  • plaster works – finishing coats (1x priming, 2x finishing coat, 1x sanding) of walls and ceilings, preparation for wallpaper in the bathroom, new wall with finishing between the living room and kitchen, kitchen and hall, new wall with a finish next to the dressing room, suspended ceiling on a frame – bathroom,
  • tiling works: new spout with a slope for walk-in, liquid foil (two-step), corners for liquid foil, siliconizing, 15×15 tiles + cement grout – kitchen, hall, tiles 60x120cm + cement grout – bathroom, openings in porcelain tiles and sanding tiles at an angle of 45 degrees,
  • bricklaying works: making the door hole, inserting the lintel, repairing the wall after installing air conditioning, reducing the door opening to the bathroom, floor in the shower – with brickwork, making a self-leveling screed under the slab 15x15cm so that it will be level with the parquet, adding a wall of blocks and adjust the dimensions to the door for the shower cubicle
  • plumbing works: transfer of the radiator approach – making a groove, transfer of a point, filling the groove, processing of cold and hot water in the PEX system, installation of a shower cubicle, angle valves for the tap, a frame for shells, a washbasin, disassembly and assembly of a heater for painting, linear drain, concealed shower set, washbasin faucet,
  • electrical works: full installation of the LED strip in the strip, TV tunnel, alteration of electrics after demolition of walls, connecting cables to new points and embedding boxes, installation of sockets and switches, surface lighting, halogen in plasterboard,
  • investment service – material lists, ordering, etc.

All the works took place in Wiślane Tarasy 2.0. The second apartment can be seen at this address: