Modern bathroom

Finishing of a new apartment, from which there are more than a lot of bathroom photos. I tried to make it from every angle so that you could see as much detail as possible. I associate the style of the bathroom with the mountains, and maybe more with the style of interior finishes there. I like this combination very much because it is modern but cozy, and it was designed by the owners themselves – it turned out very well!

Our scopes of work in the bathroom and toilet included

  • Tiling – laying tiles in various sizes. The largest one is 120×60, and it is a gray tile in the shower, arranged in a non-standard way, because it is shifted. The wood-like tiles were 120 x 20 cm. The most interesting by lighting turned out to be a small rectangular format arranged on a wall with a mirror and a bathroom sink,
  • laying tiles on the ceiling in a shower cubicle, sanding corners up to 45 degrees,
  • a front wall with recessed shelves and a ceiling suspension to the size of the cabin,
  • toilet enclosure, frame and white assembly,
  • distribution of cables for new lighting points,
  • hydraulic modifications, including a flush-mounted mixer – a set with a shower head and a rain shower,
  • flush-mounted kit next to a countertop bathroom sink,
  • shower glass with a black lattice giving character to the bathroom,
  • LEDs with the ability to control the intensity of light – from very delicate to one that would not be able to take pictures.

In addition, we have finished the rest of the apartment, and in it:

  • laying tiles 60×60 in the corridor,
  • electrical modifications – connecting sockets and lighting points,
  • relocation of the kitchen – only ventilation and hood here, because the water and sewage changes were made earlier by the developer. So that the ventilation ducts could be hidden, we made a ceiling suspension above the kitchen, in which a rectangular ventilation duct was led instead of the standard circular one in cross-section,
  • coats most of the apartment, removing the radiators to do the job.

The implementation took place in the vicinity of Galeria Bonarka. Over the years, I can see how quickly this area is developing and how many housing investments are being built here.