Finishing works in apartment in Krakow, Lagiewniki

Renovation of the entire apartment. We were able to demonstrate knowledge in many areas, for example when working with unusual solutions. One of them was a modern approach to heating an apartment – ceiling heating. The ranges made by us include:

  • arranging tiles 15x15cm in the bathroom. Cover the floor and walls with small tiles. A specially designed pattern consisted of six types of tiles. Each individually in a specific position and direction.
    laying tiles 60x60cm in the kitchen, laundry and hall,
  • painting and plastering the apartment – it was a significant scope due to the size of the apartment being 120 m2 and the height of the rooms 3 m,
  • wallpaper in the bedroom,
  • stickers in the children’s room,
  • electrical modifications – a total of over 60 new points, including usb sockets, internet, TV, dimmers,
    installation of lamps and wall lamps – the work was quite slow due to the required caution with ceiling heating cables,
  • installation of a free-standing bathtub, with a drain, tap and sealing the connection between the bathtub and the floor with silicone,
  • installation of tap with a rain shower, washbasins, toilet bowls,
  • plumbing works – bringing the water and sewage approach to new places, and preparation of hidden shower system,
  • waterproof layer of two bathrooms, we used a two-component solution also used on terraces outside buildings,
  • several demolition and disassembly works related to the demolition of one of the partition walls,

The interior works took place in new building. The domwell team was the first team to start finishing works in this building. It was connected with a few surprises, for example lack of running water in the first days. The finishing works were completed 1.5 weeks in advance of the deadline in the contract!