Finishing works in the apartment in the style of a “forest path”

The architectural design we received in order to be able to perform the valuation stood out from today’s standards. It contained numerous elements that made the apartment feel cozy and made it feel like home. After agreeing the formalities, we were able to start finishing works in the entire apartment:

  • in the first place, it was necessary to replace the suspended ceiling with a new one, with a strong structure. Also change plaster-boards in the bathroom (we would like to remind you that in the bathroom we use green boards!)
  • removal of two partition walls and construction of a new one, obtaining two but much larger rooms from three rooms,
  • change place of the door openings, plastering,
  • electrical modifications – new lighting points, in particular a large number of them in the corridor and the transfer of existing points, execution of a stair switch,
  • small plastering ranges,
  • preparing walls for black prints with floral motifs,
  • execution of wardrobe walls in the corridor. The walls have been strengthened so as to hang a shelf from the aquarium,
  • preparing the kitchen for built-in construction, tiling the floor in small 15x15cm tiles, the apron over the countertop in green tiles, “bricks”,
  • painting the entire apartment with the attic and staircase,
  • tiles on the staircase,
  • finishing of two bathrooms,
  • hydraulic modifications in a welded PP system,
  • installation – shower panel with a rain shower, bathtub screen, washbasin faucets, embedding the bathtub with reinforcement and drain inspection.

After completing our work, the effect was not so spectacular yet. Thanks to an additional meeting some time after the finishing works, we were able to take photos that are very popular on our Instagram or Facebook!