The apartment is fully finished from the developer standard

We were given a modern bathroom in a new apartment. During the works, the owner decided to extend the scope of our duties and we finish the entire apartment:

  • tiling of the bathroom and hall, large-format tiles 150×75 cm cut with a stream of water in a partner company and corner grinding by us,
  • walk-in shower with wood-pattern tiles,
  • preparation of reinforcement for a large shower glass,
  • shelf in the shower with grinding all edges,
  • a wall on a reinforced frame and mounting a hidden shower panel, rain shower and other black accessories,
  • installation – toilet, washbasin, batteries, heaters
  • electrical installation – the use of several dozen meters of cables to obtain the optimal distribution of lighting in a large living room connected to the kitchen,
  • electrical modifications in the room and in the studio,
  • removal of a partition wall,
  • bricklaying a new plot, traditional plastering, inserting a door,
  • finishing of hidden door frames,
  • plastering the entire apartment,

T his time the painting was done by the customer himself – this way everyone added a brick when finishing a large apartment. Once again, the apartment entrusted to us for finishing was located on the top floor of the building (8th floor). We are lucky because the views from such high floors are an attractive addition to the day.