Floors Cracow

Interior finish, renovation works

We make floors from both laminate and wooden panels – for example Barlinek board. Additionally, it is necessary to install skirting boards. These can be plastic dedicated to panels, dedicated to a specific type of board or white MDF  – very popular in recent times because they fit well with any type of floor.
Our services includes:
– floor panels and underlay. When choosing the thickness of the primer, pay attention to the thickness of the tiles in the bathroom or hall. It is good that the base and the panel have the same thickness as the tile with the adhesive. Then it is enough to use a delicate connecting strip or a cork connection.
– external and internal thresholds
– side skirts
– skirting boards dedicated to piles
– MDF slats
– wooden floor Barlinek board. Such a board can be laid floating or glued.