Interior works in a house near Krakow

At the end of our children’s holidays (we rarely have holidays), we received an order to finish a single-family house near Krakow. Finishing works in this house was:

  • tiling the bathroom on the first floor, and a smaller bathroom on the ground floor,
  • a shower cubicle with a shower tray and an atypical glass on 3 sides,
  • hexagonal tiles in the kitchen above the furniture tops, and more standard ones, in the size of 60×60 cm on the floor, assembly – toilet, washbasin, batteries, rain shower, bathtub,
  • electrical changes – connecting cables to several new electrical points and installation of mood lighting in blinds covering the curtain rails,
  • coats all over the apartment, incl. on the ground floor in a very large living room and “on slopes” in the attic,
  • painting in certain parts of the house, living room and kitchen.

The implementation was a nice break from the hustle of the city. We were the first team on the estate after it was handed over, and in fact even before it was handed over – all so that the client could move in earlier.