Our company has experience…. SO BORING! I will not write anything like that. Instead, I will try to present what will be most interesting for you, dear customer. Domwell is primarily me – Piotr, Master of Science in Civil Engineering. I know what quality, a relaxed atmosphere or a transparent cost estimate mean. I am responsible for contact with the client, present the offer and work organization.

Conversation by e-mail – ok, by phone – great, via instagram – absolutely. How convenient for you. What’s the best? The best is coming to one of my projects and see the effects of the work live, ask about everything related to the renovation. I realize that your own house or apartment is one of the biggest expenses in life, so you need to plan it well, and the more questions, the better plan you have.

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Manager – Piotr

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If you are in a hurry – check out three sample projects. If you have a bit more time, click the button below and check out more of our finishing and renovation works from Cracow.

With an architectural design

Apartment in the city center

wykonczenie Kraków Niepołomice domwell saniwell

Large format tiles


Apartment in Cracow

Finishing works


STEP 1 – Check the quality

Make an appointment for a noncommittal meeting at one of our projects.


STEP 2 – Price list

Check the price list of our services. I will describe unusual ranges in response to a message or an e-mail.


STEP 3 – Meeting

At the meeting, we carefully evaluate each scope. You receive a detailed schedule.



Interior Finishing Cracow


We offer a wide range of wall finishing services. Popular … READ MORE


The bathroom is one of the smallest rooms in the house, but we spend a lot of … READ MORE


Buildings in plaster-cardboard technology are most often suspended ceilings, partition walls … READ MORE


Brick walls and bases for bathtubs are less frequently made, but sometimes … READ MORE


We make floors from both laminate and wooden panels like barlinek board … READ MORE

Assembly works

Fitting works include items such as the installation of doors, window sills or accessories … READ MORE

Plumbing services

Hydraulics is the most responsible scope entrusted to the construction team. Let’s make sure … READ MORE

Electrical services

The electrical installation usually already exists, but the number of points is not enough … READ MORE


These are works consisting in the ongoing delivery and bringing of materials, as well as dismantling and demolition works.


  • STEP 1 (optional) – Check the quality. If you care about the quality of renovation services, and I assume that this is the case, the first step should be to check the quality and get to know the team that will carry out finishing works in your house or apartment. Make an appointment with us for a non-binding meeting at our construction site and see the realization “from the inside”.
  • STEP 2 – Initial knowledge of the costs. Check our price list for services. I can describe additional, unusual ranges in response to a message or an e-mail.
  • STEP 3 – Meeting with the valuation. If you already know the prices, we can go to the next step. We arrange a meeting and arrange all the necessary work on the spot. We write them out in detail so that the client receives a comprehensive cost estimate and nothing could surprise him during the works. At the meeting, we charge a refundable PLN 300. The reimbursement is made at the first settlement for the works. The meeting is necessary so that we can check the current condition and select the technology for it, on the basis of which we make the valuation.
  • STEP 4 – Agreement. After the cost estimate is done, we can start cooperation. We sign a contract, set important dates.
  • STEP 5 – Start of work! Once we have the documents and discussed everything at the meeting, we can go to work. After signing the contract, we proceed to commissioned renovation and construction works. We have a detailed cost estimate, but if you want to order an additional works, it will not be a problem.