A duplex, semi-detached apartment near Krakow

The period June – September is by far the highest season in the renovation and interior finishing industry. Every year, there are the most phones and work. We are catching up in presenting the projects, it is October and the presented project was completed in June. The works included:

  • separation of a new room – bathroom. This involved a number of works:
  • construction of a new partition wall, a new bathroom was separated from a very large corridor on the first floor of the house. The developer did not provide for a bathroom on the first floor but with the modifications, the functionality of level +1 increased,
  • supplying cold and hot water to the new bathroom,
  • modification of the sewage riser in order to adapt the room to its new function,
  • electric supply – 2 new lighting points and a switch on a newly built wall,
  • hydraulic modifications for new hidden shower sets,
  • finding the main cold water supply pipe to the apartment and adding a tap. Previously, turning off the water in the whole house was possible only from the drain located in the driveway. However, when the well was filled with water, it was impossible to quickly turn off the water.
  • arrangement of tiles in two bathrooms, tiles 80×80 cm, 120×20 cm and small decorative tiles the size of bricks.
  • laying tiles 80×80 cm in the kitchen,
  • electrical installation – new lighting points and new sockets,
  • installation in the first bathroom: bathtub, heater, washbasin with a cabinet, bathtub faucet, washbasin faucet,
  • installation in the second bathroom: a large shower glass, a shower faucet with a rain shower, a washbasin with a cabinet and a washbasin faucet.

During the works, the contracted scope was also expanded to include tiles on the balcony. The entire implementation was carried out in accordance with the deadline specified in the contract 馃檪