We work not only in Cracow

On the occasion of this realization and entry on the website I have two important topics to talk about:)

First, I launched a new section on the website! It’s in the menu at the top under the name “LIVE” and is very similar to the posts I put up on Instagram. I’ve been seeing a lot of interest in my profile lately plus there have even been a few requests from there. It seems to me that the section a little more loose than realizations is a good example of what cooperation with us looks like and not everyone has to have an account on IG. Those of you who don’t have an IG account but would like to read more of my comments on current topics in finishing individual apartments or houses, can check out the new tab. There is a chance that you will find there some unknown knowledge, and it will help you to finish the interior of your dreams.

Secondly, there are sinters, i.e. large-format tiles. We lay this type of tiles, and we are glad that there is a growing interest in it. Satisfaction with the work is very high both on our side and on the side of customers who decide to use this solution. Quartz sinters are originally a type of material, but many advertising brochures refer to them as “sinters” also as large format stoneware. The thicknesses of these tiles are 3 or 6 mm. Installation must be flawless and requires a lot of experience and professional equipment. We have both, that’s why I present below a lot of photos from the bathroom so that you could have a look at them.

In addition to the sinters, our scope of work included:

  • Distribution of several points of lighting, sockets and switches,
  • installation of a characteristic LED strip in the bathroom right next to the walk-in window,
  • securing the entire bathroom – waterproofing,
  • priming of the ground or securing windows and doors – preparatory works but necessary on every project,
  • modification of cold and hot water,
  • fiber optic cable connection from the living room to the office – in the cable under the bathroom,
  • laying of tiles in the hallway in standard size 60×60,
  • adjusting door openings to the dimensions specified by the manufacturer,
  • plastering and painting in the whole apartment,
  • investment service that is making shopping lists, delivery and ordering of materials, technology selection and return of materials that we have left after the completion of the work,

It is currently cold, but we return as soon as the frost passes to do some more work on the outside, including a small windowsill flashing, installation of lightning conductor, which is inserted into thermal insulation. During this time, it is likely that the furniture team will finish their work, and we will be able to install a toilet bowl, kitchen sink or oven.