Complete renovation works in a new apartment in Podgórze, in a very close vicinity of the Vistula River

The finishing work – although from a developer’s state – was extensive. A befriended architectural office was responsible for the project. The scope of the renovation included a significant change of electrical and plumbing installations, demolition of walls and separation of a new functional layout. Below are the details:

  • Painting works – complete: preparing the walls, priming, laying acrylics in concave corners, painting with primer paint and painting white without section,
  • finishing of concealed door frames,
  • tearing out old screed from under the shower and making a new one with a slope, obtaining the so-called walk-in,
  • securing wet areas with waterproofing, grouting and silicone coating,
  • Tiling work – 20×20 cm tiles in the bathroom, laundry room and also in the kitchen above the countertop,
  • Plastering on walls and ceilings, leveling walls with plaster boards in bathroom over tiles and treatment of window bars in bathroom,
  • Partition walls made of blocks – separating laundry room and changing dimensions of bedrooms, moving door openings,
  • fitting of mirrors, curtain rods,
  • preparation of bracket on the ceiling for projector,
  • removal of old, unnecessary plumbing points,
  • relocation of radiator approach,
  • making new plumbing points in the PEX system,
  • installation of a linear drain,
  • installation of radiators after finishing walls,
  • freestanding WC,
  • exposed shower mixer with a sprinkler and a bathroom sink tap,
  • installation of air-conditioning system,
  • HDMI wiring to a projector,
  • distribution of cables to several dozen electrical points,
  • electrical matting in the bathroom,
  • power rails and surface-mounted lighting,
  • demolition of two partition walls.

The entire project will be completed in mid-2020.