Work near Cracow, finishing the house

Finishing of the house for the nice owners is over from our side – from their side not yet. The dream house is still a lot of work after the finishing team and the carpenter have done all their jobs. Apart from moving in, there is still the detailing. We finished our work in winter, and it’s a good time to focus, for example, on flowers and plants which will be abundant in this house. They will fill the space and I hope that I will still be able to photograph this filled space.

I am very happy that we have such a good relationship with many of our clients that they later invite us for coffee at their place. Right now I’m uploading photos of some work. In the future, I’ll add photos with the above-mentioned plants, perhaps a landscaped garden in the spring. Given the plans for plants to be in places like the stairwell, by the bathtub and more, I can’t wait!

Just because there’s still some work left doesn’t mean we haven’t done much – quite the opposite:

  • Painting and wall finishing works: priming the ground, plastering the walls and ceilings, acrylic coating in concave corners and installing aluminium corners in such rooms as the living room, staircase, kitchen, bathroom in the attic, a smaller bathroom with a toilet, garage, closet, bedroom, guest room,
  • tiling work: laying tiles 60×30, 120×60 or small rhombuses in one of the bathrooms to achieve the effect planned by the interior designer, sanding corners to an angle of 45 degrees, making a screed with a slope and lining the walk-in shower with tiles, grouting and siliconizing, and before laying tiles, protecting bathrooms with waterproofing (especially important in the case of a linear drain),
  • electrical work: several new points, installation of several dozen lamps and other surface-mounted lighting, installation of sockets and switches, new LED strip in the bathroom and illuminating the steps of the beautiful wooden stairs,
  • White assembly: linear drain, freestanding bathtub, shower cabin, freestanding mixer for the bathtub and the hidden shower system with a rain shower, hidden tap system for washbasins, toilet bowls with frames
  • gypsum work: suspended ceiling in the bathroom shower area, casing of toilet frame, casing of pipes in one of the bathrooms, leveling the walls with plaster boards and casing of the fireplace,
  • plumbing work: alterations to cold and hot water, new sewer points, disassembly and assembly of radiators for painting or tiling,
  • auxiliary work, i.e., bringing in materials and handling the investment.

As usual, all the time we tried to give good advice not only on technological issues but also on practical aspects of some solutions.