Finishing works in Grzegórzki, dark colors

The first question that comes to mind is – why there are no pictures of the bathroom?! The answer is that despite the fact that our work is finished, it does not yet present itself in all its glory. There is a large mirror missing on dimension, furniture and a large graphic on glass on one of the walls. I add this project because the rest of the apartment is really interesting, in a darker color scheme than we usually have the opportunity to do. Also, because we have in our portfolio a lot of finished beautiful bathrooms, such as:

Bathroom finished in marble

Bathroom with large wallpaper

The most original bathroom

Moving on to the work that we had the opportunity to do here – it was a general finishing from an architectural project. We received the apartment in a developer state, the scope of work included:

  • Finishing the walls, it means- priming, laying the plaster with sanding, laying acrylics in the concave corners, dusting off the walls and painting with primer and proper paint. Ceilings in white color in the whole apartment and partly in black color in the bathroom, walls in color, including several walls in black,
  • placement of architectural concrete on four walls,
  • wallpaper in bedroom, in size 4,3 x 2,7 m,
  • fitting and finishing of concealed door frames, installation of door leaves
  • Removal of the old screed from under the shower and installation of a new one for the walk-in shower,
  • Waterproofing of the shower cubicle, behind the bathroom sink and toilet and of the whole bathroom floor,
  • Tile laying in bathroom – tiles 75 x 75 cm, Laying tiles 60 x 60 cm over the countertop in the kitchen,
  • relocation of the radiator approach in the bathroom, disassembly of all the radiators for tiling and painting and their reassembly with air venting,
  • distribution of electrical points, wires, boxes, lamps, air-conditioning installation,
  • plumbing alterations in the PEX system,
  • installation of a linear drain,
  • installation of a shower tap with a sprinkler, a shower cubicle, a toilet frame and a toilet bowl,
  • installation of cabinet under bathroom sink, bathroom sink and faucet,
  • suspended ceiling over the shower part,

The whole completed in late 2020, the owners were able to move in before Christmas. What is interesting is that our earlier realization took place in the same building.