We present finish interior works in new apartment in Cracow, Grzegorzki

Wemade this project with a friendly interior design architects. Fully finishing works were carried out under the supervision of architects:

  • preparation of the substrate in the entire apartment – for painting, tiling,
  • painting, plastering and acrylic corners of walls and ceilings,
  • making a new spout with a slope to a very large walk-in cabin,
  • bricklaying a new wall in the bathroom,
  • execution of a separate electricity connection for air conditioning, drilling for the balcony, grooves in the walls and in the spout for the wiring harness to the central unit,
  • new construction of walls behind the toilet frame, drainage of condensate from the air conditioning,
    covering the entire bathroom with liquid foil – anti-water insulation, with putting tape in the corners,
  • laying electric heating mats on the floor under the tiles with the installation of the controller,
  • tiling – laying tiles in the climate of architectural concrete with dimensions of 60 x 60 cm. The design difficulty in this regard was that the joints were supposed to match in the kitchen, hall, laundry room, on the bathroom floor and on the bathroom walls. In our opinion, the design plus workmanship turned out to be perfect!
  • epoxy grout on the entire range,
  • grinding tile corners up to 45 degrees,
  • modification and installation of a linear drain,
  • installation of a hidden shower system with a rain shower, washbasin set, toilet bowls,
  • changing radiators to the new places and installation of radiators,
  • electrical modifications – complete reworking of the installation by adding new electrical circuits, relocating sockets, and adding several dozen new lighting points,
  • assembly of lamps,
  • installation of LED lighting in the bathroom, living room,
  • it was necessary to modify the water and sewage system – transfer of hot and cold water in the PEX system.

The project took place in the Art City estate – after its completion, we started another project, again in the Art City estate!