General finishing of the house near Krakow for the second time!

I was invited for a coffee and of course I was eager to come visit. I wrote earlier that this was a project by very nice people, and it was confirmed once again 🙂 Photos from this project were already there, but then it was construction – now there is a home. Decorated, tidy, and I couldn’t resist taking a few more photos.

Due to the fact that the description of this implementation has already been (here) and not everyone reaches the Guide section (here) on our website below, the most frequently asked question and my answer, “How much will it all cost?”

For our part, we are able to accurately estimate one of the important components, the labor price. Clean and dirty materials are not included in this price. Clean materials are all materials that the investors or their architects have to choose, such as tiles, shower cubicles, flush-mounted batteries, lamps, etc. Dirty materials are, in turn, plaster, adhesives, electric cables or hydraulic connectors.

Why are we quoting the price of the labor only without these dirty materials? The cost of dirty materials largely depends on the investor, e.g. paints of the same color can cost 150 or 450 PLN for a 10 liter bucket, which is three times as much. This is related both to the manufacturer and its brand well-established on the market, as well as to the resistance of e.g. paint to washing it, structure or special purpose, e.g. for rooms with increased air humidity. If we do not know the scope of work, i.e. we do not know what size the tiles will be, it will also be difficult at this stage to estimate the cost of the tile adhesive for standard tiles. In the size of 60 by 60, you can use a slightly cheaper glue, while when laying large-format tiles – sintered 300 x 100 cm we have to use high-end glue which is also much more expensive.

Another reason why we do not provide our services with materials included is that we are not VAT payers. In practice, this means that our gross prices are net prices, we do not add 8% VAT on services. By simplifying accounting issues and writing as short as possible: we buy materials on behalf of the client, that is, we make a list of materials, we place large orders, we make small purchases every day along with delivering them to the construction site. We charge an advance for these things. When planning the budget for finishing your apartment, in addition to the cost of labor and the price of clean materials, which is obvious, the price of dirty materials should be added, which ranges from several thousand for the smallest orders to even over 20 thousand. For general renovation of large apartments or houses.

When signing a contract with a client, we guarantee unit prices, but if it is, for example, six months before the commencement of work at the client’s place, one should take into account fluctuations in the prices of dirty materials, they change especially after the new year, but also at other times, from month to month.

If we have a detailed design at our disposal, we can also estimate the cost of such dirty materials at the request of the ordering party. Discrepancies occur even in new apartments, where, for example, we can make plaster on ceilings or make a suspended multi-level ceiling throughout the apartment and the difference in prices on the materials themselves will already amount to several thousand zlotys.