Interior works in the apartment

Next finishing works completed with great satisfaction! The scope of this work can be summed up as everything. Literally everything, detailed description below:

  • The first part of renovation and construction works – demolition. Our task was to remove around half of the partition walls and remove the spout in the whole apartment,
  • Subsequent works focused on restoring the flat to its developer condition – a new spout, floor heating was installed,
  • Building partition walls that change the layout of the apartment and plastering them,
  • Electrical works – adding or transferring several dozen electrical points, including stair switches (switching light from 2 places) and cross switches (switching light from 3 places),
  • At a later stage of the works, installation of sockets and light switches,
  • Plumbing modifications – new points in the bathroom, laundry room, kitchen. Changing of cold and hot water and sewage systems. Performing a point drain approach. This time not a line, but a point drain,
  • Assembly of hidden door frames – an increasingly popular solution among our customers from Krakow :),
  • Architectural concrete on a few walls,
  • Tiling (in fact, laying a stone). Two colors of marble were laid on the bathroom walls – dark and light. The scope also included grinding corners, as well as grouting and siliconizing with the use of appropriate materials that do not react with marble,
  • Installation of washbasins, batteries, concealed sets, hidden shower system wits rain shower, heaters, lamps,
  • At the end, we also helped in works such as the assembly of household appliances.

Fun fact: it was another project on the top floor. From the windows you can see another project, also located on the top floor of the neighboring building;)