This time whole page in English. Why? Read below

This time quite unusual, because first of all, the whole apartment is painted in dark colors – the walls are mostly black. There are white accents and a lot of lighting, white skirting boards and white elements at the top of the walls. At the ceiling, we left a section, which smoothly turns into blinds for curtain rods. At the back there are LEDs, which gives better character to the lines on the walls and add mood to the living room or bedrooms.
Secondly, once again we did finishing works for English-speaking clients. We learned a few things about Italy and the standards from there.
I really liked the whole realization. Probably the most because it is such an unusual project and it will definitely stand out in the portfolio (here)
  • We started the works in an apartment in a developer standard.
  •  first work was adjusting the doors
  •  electrical works – adding or transferring dozens of electrical points. Newly planned places for lamps and sockets,
  •  assembly of LED lights,
  •  plumbing changes – new points in the bathroom, toilet, kitchen. Processing of cold and hot water and sewage systems. Perform a loon drain approach in the walk-in cabin.
  •  finishing coats on the walls and ceiling, painting in white and black!
  •  laying tiles 60x60cm in a dark color. With such darker tones, unfortunately, it is difficult to take good photos, in fact the bathroom looks much better;)
  • installation of a washbasin, batteries, concealed sets, radiator, lamps,
  •  At the very end, we also helped in works such as the assembly of household appliances.